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recommended empathy reading

The following is a list of recommended reading for Empath's to aid in ones understanding of empathy. The selection is varied and written by Authors from many walks of life. Be it Holistic, scientific, metaphysical, spiritual or in general. If you know of a great book that is suited to this web page, please email the Webmaster with details and links, this would be deeply appreciated.
Empowered by Empathy 25 Ways To Fly In Spirit by Rose Rosetree
The Sensitive Persons Guide by Kyra Mesich
Becoming an Empath by Karla McLaren (audio)
True Empathy Foundation from A Course In Miracles
The Power of Empathy by Arthur Ciaramicoli
A Practical Guide to Creating Intimacy, Self-understanding and Lasting Love
Teaching Empathy – Bullying Children by David A.Levine
Empathy and Listening Skills for Emotional Intimacy
– Touch Another Heart. by Lawrence J.Bookbinder P.h.D.
Living From your Intuition (audio) by Echo Bodine (audio)
Creating Harmonious Relationships A Practical Guide to the Power of True Empathy
By Andrew LeCompte
Please note Copyrights belong solely & directly to the Authors & or Publishers! The links provided are of no responsibility to the Webmaster. Where permissible, written permission has been provided directly from the Author and or Publisher and or Web host to link here. Under no circumstance do I (the Webmaster) endorse the copying of these books and or material in any way, manner or form.
The following books are for Empath's that the Webmaster personally recommends as beneficial to the overall understanding of Empathy through applying varying concepts that are tried and tested. I feel that these particular books can really help build ones understanding and appreciation in the Life as an Empath. If you know of other great books that are suited to this section, please email the Webmaster.
Empathy - An Online Novel by Eric S. Clayton
Caroline Myss
- Anatomy of the Spirit.
- Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.
- The Creation of Health.
- Sacred Contracts. (Recent Release)
Barbara Brennan
- Hands of Light
- Light Emerging
- Seeds of the Spirit
Willian Bloom
- The Endorphin Effect
Holistic Health & Spiritual Wellbeing
Beyong Pills & The Scalpel
- Empathy & The Practice of Medicine
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The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

Working With Fatigue And/Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a quick fix, if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and/or suffer with Fatigue – please, Consult with your Medical Practitioner or Health Professional. What works for one person may not work for another. I have shared my findings as what worked for me personally. I take no responsibility in what others do with my writings. My findings are based on intensive personal research. I am not stating that CFS and/or Fatigue are directly linked to being an empath. These are my personal observations only.

Working with Fatigue and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Empaths tend to experience fatigue fluctuating throughout their lives that range from mild to extreme, from manageable to out of control. A survey of 53 empaths taken between August and October 2002 on the Universal Empath website found that 92% experienced some kind of fatigue related to being overwhelmed with the emotions of others. It can become almost crippling to one’s ability to flow in life. With the amount of energy that empaths are susceptible to in others, it is no surprise that their own levels of energy go up and down.

Fatigue in the general population occurs more often than many might think. Women are most noticeably recognized as sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I have met so many who have experienced fatigue in varying degrees. Mothers give so much of themselves to raising their families that they often neglect taking care of themselves. Fathers, too, can be neglectful in eating and drinking water regularly on the job and overworking. It may be surprising to some that both men and women get CFS.

In discussing CFS with the women I have met, the common denominators stand out: Lack of a nutritional diet, inadequate water intake, lack of necessary vitamins and minerals, lack of adequate exercise and an inability to get a good night's sleep, amongst others. The empath's brain needs “food” to function to handle the incredible amounts of “energy” received and processed.

The need to take care of one’s health becomes paramount, and a great deal of dedication is required to pull oneself out of a dive into fatigue and up into vibrant health. For those who do know fatigue firsthand, they can appreciate the fact that the effort required to “get up” can be incredible, at times-- even seeming unbearable. However, it is possible. A change of diet and self-care, as well as improving the mindset, may help in many cases.

When I had CFS, I changed a few things in my personal health care. Not only did my energy improve, but also the changes were part and parcel in helping me manage the daily fatigue I experienced. I called on the professional help and guidance of my family doctor, and the support and understanding of my family, who walked with me all the way. Today, I am fatigued only on rare occasions.

Here are some of the changes that I made:


Herbs and supplements improved mild depression, bolstered the immune system and improved overall health. Speak to your Local Health Store Professional and/or Medical Practitioner for what is best suited for you.


Adequate water is essential to continuing health. You can use bottled or fresh. I dropped the caffeine to two cups a day and replaced it with water. Start with a glass as soon as you wake. It fills you and gets your metabolism working. Drink, drink, drink, drink, and drink! Drink plenty of water EVERY day.

You may be interested in checking out this fascinating link about water and the human psyche:
Miraculous Messages from Water.


A healthy eating plan is a cornerstone to maintaining your energy levels. Eat a balanced diet in consultation with a Nutritionist and/or your Medical Practitioner.


Daily exercise restores the body’s energy. There are so many ways to exercise: walking, jogging, and/or a planned gym workout, sailing , Tai Chi or Yoga Classes…and more. Find what helps you feel energetic and refreshed--in consultation with your Medical Practitioner.


For many empaths, meditation is an area that can be very beneficial, yet is one of the difficult to adopt because learning to "still the mind" can appear impossible. There are so many varieties of meditation available that it can take a concerted effort to find one that is suitable. Dedication, persistence and practicing this timeless art will produce excellent results. Check out your local guide for classes in Meditation, browse the Internet for what's available, and/or chat with friends who meditate to ask for tips.


Incorporating a regular daily nap, day or night, replenishes the body. Being conscious of one's energy level throughout the day may help to find a pattern forming of when fatigue begins to set in. Many empaths, along with many others, tend to have a decrease of energy between mid afternoon and early evening. Learning to listen to the physical body, taking a quick nap, or using this time to meditate can help renew your energy levels. A restful period of 20-30 minutes can be effective, especially if one is consistent. When just beginning to encourage your ability to take naps, you may find an affirmation helpful. You can program the mind into accepting a short nap by using an affirmation such as "I sleep restfully for 30 minutes. When I awake, I am completely refreshed and my energy is fully replenished."


Researching online and in books can be a tremendous benefit as everyone has unique needs.


It is possible to take your research to your Medical Practitioner and/or Nutritionist and work in unison with them in developing a comprehensive plan for your self-care. A family doctor can keep track of your progress and advise you as you work for changes that alleviate the fatigue.

When I took control of the CFS, I was insistent on taking and doing the things I mentioned above for several months. Today, I listen to my body. There are clear physical signs that fatigue is rolling in. I rest when I am tired, do not wait until I am overtired, or push myself to extremes. Meditation daily helps me to fully relax my mind, body and soul, and helps to revitalize my energy. I find it is essential for me to be conscious of my diet and, most importantly, take action immediately to replenish my energy levels at the first sign of fatigue.

Copyright © 2002 Christel Broederlow
Edited Annie Bush M.A. 2002
Working With Fatigue And/Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
By Christel Broederlow
Edited Annie Bush M.A.

reports - sleep deprivation

PLEASE NOTE: If you suffer with insomnia or any form of sleep disorders – please, Consult with your Medical Practitioner or Health Professional. What works for one person may not work for another. I have shared my findings as what worked for me personally. These are my observations only. I take no responsibility in what others do with my writings. My findings are based on intensive personal research.


Mild to extreme insomnia is regularly experienced by empaths. The high degree of sensitivity of empaths to others' emotions, thoughts, and electromagnetic fields in general, as well as their own thought processes, can leave them unable to rest comfortably and fall asleep. The physical body requires sleep to restore itself. Without it the body tires, aches and desperately seeks an energetic re-fuelling.

Often empaths toss and turn from the moment they lie down and continue for hours on end into the night. Sleep deprivation is a fitful act that can bring an empath to tears through lack of much required renewal. In the act of sleeping we are replenishing our vitality through the sleeping and dream states. The less sleep, the more broken sleep habits, the less replenished we feel upon awakening. It is important to consult with your Health Professional with any sleeping concerns and also to ensure there are no other underlying problems.


An empath may be subjected to a barrage of stimuli during both day and night and the mind attempts to process the excess information along with everyday events. An empath's mind can play over and over the day's activities, emotional interactions, conversations, TV programs, work commitments, studies, anything and everything regardless if the thoughts are trivial and/or of the utmost importance. The physical body is in a state of exhaustion and yet the mind is actively pursuing an Olympic performance--night after night, to the point where insomnia is now accepted, though reluctantly, as part of one's life.

Thinking can be demanding and draining, for this is not simply thoughts filling the mind. The thoughts are backed up with energy from emotions and together they are pushing and pulling on the entire mind body spirit. The need to still one's mind and to bring the thoughts into the '"quiet" becomes essential. The daily practice of meditation and affirmations can help encourage our ability to sleep on command.



One method to help induce sleep is to use Positive Affirmations and Meditation. There are numerous kinds of meditation and it may take some time and effort to find the one most suitable. While some believe Affirmations and Meditation are best used just prior to sleeping, others find that the cumulative effect of meditating at any time daily will help quiet the mind.

Meditation teaches one to still the mind, to let the flow of thoughts bring one into a state of calm centeredness and peacefulness without thoughts and emotions being dominant.

Meditation is a dedicated practice best used daily. The more often one meditates the more natural and effortless it becomes. The results from meditation are profound and plentiful. If one is stressed, over-tired, anxious, weighted by constant thoughts and/or emotion, adopting meditation can produce significant changes and self-empowerment.

Being in control and focused with one's thoughts, quieting the mind, will help improve a regular sleep pattern as well as result in a replenished physical sense of well-being. Adopting and applying the technique of quieting the mind can also help in busy and/or stressful situations.

Your local paper will offer classes in varying meditation/energy practices: Yoga, Tai chi, Chi Gong, Vipassna, Transcendental Meditation, among others. For those who need discipline in meditating, joining a group is preferable. If you have strong self-discipline, purchasing meditation audios from the local health store and/or creating your own personal "sleep meditation" may be options.


It may also be helpful to refrain from being especially active prior to sleep, which includes not going straight to bed after watching TV.

Limiting caffeine and sugar intake prior to sleep can also help quiet the body. These substances can have adverse affects and keep some people awake. Avoid drinking fluids immediately prior to sleep as this may disrupt one's sleeping pattern by awakening during the night to use the bathroom.

Due to the effects of electromagnetic fields, it may be preferable to not sleep with a computer and/or television in one's bedroom. Not only do these appliances have potentially harmful electronic magnetic fields (EMF), but they also convince the conscious mind that your room is a place to stay awake, rather than to sleep. Removing these from the bedroom is the best option.

Additionally, there has been research that indicates that sleeping under an electric blanket or with your head near an electric alarm clock subjects you to electromagnetic fields. Battery operated alarm clocks, or old fashioned wind-up alarm clocks have less EMF (Electronic Magnetic Field) output and are preferable.

Check that the wall immediately behind your bed does not have a main power socket. Moving the bed away from the wall with the main power socket, which often has a multitude of plugs running of it, may be helpful.

Steel and/or metal headboards are also known to have adverse affects for people with sleep disorders. As an empath, you may be sensitive to these objects.

Reading a book while lying in bed can be very relaxing for the mind and body.

Listening to meditative/relaxation music with no lyrics is often calming. Music with lyrics can trigger the conscious mind into thinking.

Copyright © 2002 Christel Broederlow
Edited Annie Bush M.A. 2002
By Christel Broederlow
Edited Annie Bush M. A.

reports - weather hypersensitivity

Please note: If you recognize any of these symptoms, please consult your Physician and/or Health Professional if you have any concerns. These are my personal observations and are not factual evidence linking weather hypersensitivity to being empathic. What may occur in one empath can be completely unseen in another. Circumstances vary from person to person, place to place. It is of note that A. Schienle in a 1998 article “Biological Effects of Very Low Frequency Atmospherics in Humans: a Review” in the Journal of Scientific Exploration indicated that a large percentage of the population is weather sensitive and unaware of the physiological effects.

It is not uncommon for empaths to experience some level of sensitivity to weather in one form or another. The type of sensitivity can vary from headaches/migraines, allergies to rheumatic pains in the joints, etc. Hence, there is the need to seek and pursue medical and/or professional advice and increase understanding in that regard.

The understanding I have personally gained in researching Weather Hypersensitivities has helped me tremendously. I have learned what causes my body to react to the weather changes and to appreciate how I will respond prior to, during and after each occurrence, as well as what methods I can use immediately in making it more bearable/tolerable and less painful.

The hypersensitivities I experience are not one-time occurrences. They are a regular day-to-day part of my life though extreme and unusual to most. In a nutshell, many empaths don’t experience to the degree that I do and vice versa. Common sense and your personal observations of yourself are of the utmost importance, as well as regular contact with your health professional.


From a very young age, I had a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in the knees. As I became an adult, I would experience the pains in my elbows and, occasionally, in the wrists. I became adept at connecting this pain to weather/climatic changes. My ability to forecast weather came with an accuracy that never failed. In my growing awareness of RA effects on my physical body, I could also accurately distinguish what kinds of weather changes would occur. I came to be able to predict different kinds of weather: frosts, rain, the intensity of the rain, approaching storms, the velocity of storms, even accurately predicting the storm’s arrival over our house.

The RA in the knees was barely tolerable and I had tried various forms of medication over the years, along with other techniques, to help ease the pain. I found heated wheat packs somewhat comfortable and tolerable. Though they did not heal the RA completely, they were enough to take the edge off. At times, the RA would spread up the leg (without a doubt I could/can feel it traveling internally) and into the hip joint. This would cause the greatest of pain and make walking unbearably painful.

My family and I moved to Queensland five years ago. During this time I noticed a hypersensitivity to weather like never before. I could feel physically the climatic changes and approaching storms at a speed that would often take my breath away (literally speaking). The pressure would build up in my chest almost feeling like anxiety, yet different. At first, I thought it was just occasional. I started to record my weather predictions, along with the temperature for the day and humidity based on what I felt it to be.

I was accustomed by now to tuning in to the manner in which my physical body responded to the weather and recording weather readings of temperature, humidity, cloud formation, storm approaching, estimated time of arrival, etc. I would also support my findings by going outdoors and record what I could visually see, hear, smell, taste and at times touch.

My accuracy was "spot on" every time and this was not an act of random guessing. Ideal confirmation of my personal weather sensitivities would come through the actual Weather Report of the evening News. I would also make a habit of journaling this against my daily findings. When there was a shift in the weather felt by my physical body earlier in the day, the News Report would support my personal findings with their apologies to not being able to broadcast the actual changes more accurately.

In time, I came to forgive the inaccuracies sometimes reported in the media and trust my own body. My family quickly learned to take my word when I said, "A storm is approaching, time to batten down the hatches!"

One particular day I had a strong intuitive pull, yet the pull felt different from what I was accustomed to. Throughout the day, I would mention this to my husband. He too could feel “something in the air”. It was one of those moments that made you feel on edge--knowing something big was going to happen. It was a fine clear, sunny day. Around 1 p.m., I was standing in the lounge room looking out the window over the back yard. I went into a dazed state suddenly and a clear vision of our backyard being completely underwater appeared. I shrugged it off foolishly and didn’t even bother to mention it to my husband.

The feeling of “something in the air” intensified and within a couple of hours, the rains came heavily. Within five hours our backyard and house was being completely washed out. The storm drains just could not tolerate the deluge of rain. The night skies became as light as day with continuous lightening. A freak 1-in-100-years storm hit our area. We lost 95% of our belongings from that storm, though most importantly saved our lives! This event showed an increase, not only in my knowing actual physical weather patterns, but also in my psychically seeing them beforehand. I would listen in the future to such signs!

I have physical effects of fatigue, energy increase/decrease, nausea, RA, increased heart rate (a racing feeling), headaches, migraines, loss of appetite, irregular sleep patterns (sensing the weather when asleep and being awakened prior to weather changing over house)—all related to the weather.

Some people may consider moving to areas where the weather is steadier. That is not an option I choose in this present moment. However, the weather’s adverse effects on the RA, were part of our choice of moving from New Zealand’s (homeland) cold and extreme climate to Australia’s Queensland with the warmer, tropical one. The RA is less frequent here in Australia, although I am much more sensitive in other aspects now. Though I love the sunshine here, it is the winter period that is my favorite--sunny clear skies, and mild pleasant temperatures.

It is well documented the weather can physically and psychologically affect peoples emotions. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is another form of weather affecting humans, though it differs from my personal sensitivities. In New Zealand's winter period of 2002, there were 40 days of consistent rain. The News reported the overall gloomy feeling of the people in the areas most affected. SAD was most noticeable in the increased hospital visitations, varying degrees of depressive states and the wish for the rain to clear up. If you often feel depressed during the winter months, it is worthwhile looking into SAD and consulting your Health Professional.

As I research intently Weather (WS), Electronic (EHS/EMF) and Chemical (CHS) Hypersensitivities, I find a fine line connecting these for myself personally. This appears rather a broad and unrelated area, yet I have been able to record specific connections between these sensitivities or possible direct links. My studies continue.

For more researched documentation, please check out the links below.

Copyright (c) 2002 Christel Broederlow
Edited Annie Bush M.A. 2002
By Christel Broederlow
Edited Annie Bush M.A.
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Chemical Hypersensitivity
Documented Emperical Evidence Of EHS
Weather and Health
The Environmental Medicine Foundation
What is Weather Sensitivity?

10 levels of empath

By Jerry Breen
General (1)
The feeling you get when walking into a room where the feeling(s) are 'so thick in here, you could cut it with a knife.' (Everyone has experienced this level of empathy, even those who claim to not being empath!)

Empath (1)
(a) They are hit with all sorts of feelings and emotions, but know that those emotions/feelings are not theirs. But have no idea where they are coming from SPECIFICALLY, and or are unable to identify those specifically.

(b) Over all 'static' feeling of emotions or are over-whelmed and consumed.
~ Do not know where it's coming from or why.
~ Generally in 4 people or greater groups or crowds.
~ The larger the 'group/crowd' the more 'over-whelmed' feeling one would get.
~ It is possible that some 'clinically depressed' people MIGHT fall into this category. Because the 'over all emotions' of others so overwhelm, that they avoid groups of any size, because it causes ‘depression’. (These are those where there is no 'clinical' or 'medical' reason that can be found.)

Empath (2)
~ Same as EMPATH (1a & b) BUT: They can identify the emotions of the above.. HAPPY, SAD, JOY, PAIN, etc. But are unable to focus on where specifically it is coming from except one-on-one, without obvious visual clues.

Empath (3)
~ Same as Empath (2) BUT: They can identify the emotions of the above and tell where they are coming from in small crowds, without the obvious visual clues.

Empath (4)
~ Same as Empath (3) BUT: In large crowds can focus on strong emotional out put from individuals, and tell generally where it it's coming from and focus and search it out.

Empath (5)
~ ALL THE ABOVE plus over great distances of people they love or know, and major events: earthquakes, bombings, celebrations, etc.

Empath (6)
~ ALL THE ABOVE, and be able to hone in and know WHY the feeling is there in general to slightly specific reason for the emotion.

Empath (7)
~ ALL THE ABOVE, and be able to detect if emotional or physical in nature, and why in rather specific detail.

Empath (8)
~ This is in level of 'Psi' abilities. All the above, and know without 'seeing', 'knowing' or observing by natural means... in very specific detail.

Empath (9)
~ All the above, and is able to focus and "scan" the person for detail or information physically, emotionally, etc. And give very specific information / detail.

Empath (10)
~ ALL the above, with great control, this person also branches into PSI abilities and is able to control to various levels thought / body and other functions in another person. Depending on the level of PSI, which is another, and deeper study and research.

Permission has been given to Christel to publish this. April 2002. Jerry J. Breen 10051954 ©
Copyright © 2002 Jerry J. Breen
These levels are NOT hard and fast levels. They are simply a break down of progression that I noticed over the years talking with various people. It is all together possible that you will find your self even between levels. It is VERY strongly possible with close friends/family/mates; you will find your self on the upper 'levels' with them and the lower 'levels' with everyone else... and even a 10 with one or two VERY CLOSE people.

Also in given situations, like women's monthly cycles, (and guys too), or when there is very strong emotional situations around, or when sick or very excited, your 'level' will be all over the place, literally and technically.

The point is, this is not a 'growth' gage of achievement or "arrival", "WOW, I'm finally a 10!!" .... bzzt, wrong! .... This is not an 'arrival' chart.

Also as with any physical abilities, be it music, art, math, cleaning house, etc... There are very likely limitations as to where you will grow and how you will develop.

The key here is to understand who you are, where you are and come to a level of comfort, control and focus AND ACCEPTANCE of your empathic nature. The Levels are simply 'focal points of understanding' not Focal Points of ARRIVAL. Hope this helps some.

Permission has been given to Christel to publish this. April 2002. Jerry J. Breen, 10051954 ©
Copyright © 2002 Jerry J. Breen

Guide to Understanding the 10 Levels of Empath.
10 Levels of Empath
Important Note
Empath (10)
~ >ALL< the above, with great control. This person also branches into PSI abilities and is able to control to various levels thought / body and other functions in another person, Depending on the level of PSI, which is another and deeper study and research.

1st) These are not levels of Achievements. I.e. "Wow, look at me I'm finally Level 10!"

I was taken back the other night in a private IM of a gentleman thanking me so much for the post of the 10 Levels. That it was what he needed to find out where he was, (which he very straightforwardly told me he was a Level 10.)

I thought this was curious. So I stated it is very likely you are a Level 10 with your wife, but I would question if you are a consistent Level 10 with more than a couple of people at best. "Oh, no I am a very strong Level 10", he protested. "Fine I stated, then what am I feeling at the moment?" which was a very fair question to ask a Level 10. "Well, I don't know you! You are not here for me to meet you!" with shock that I would ask that question.

"Then", I stated, "you do not understand what the Levels really mean. Because if you did you would know exactly what I was feeling and why, without the need for me to be there".

He was upset that I would challenge his claim. I tried to explain to him that since I wrote those 10 Level's I knew exactly what I meant and thought that it was as clear as I could make them in the format presented, a simple listing.

I also stated that these were not meant as achievement goals. Also, that you will find with spouses, twins, siblings, best friends, you will be probably on the slightly upper end, but with the rest of the world you will be on the lower side of the Levels. That this is perfectly `normal' and `natural'.

He slowly began to see what I was talking about. He also told me that these levels in certain groups were being touted as Goals and such. That saddened me. But human nature being what it is, was not surprised.

Also another case in point, a similar friend also touted to me about being a LEVEL 10 Empath, as well. That this was their natural Level all the time with everyone. I was a little shocked by this, in that I was aware that someone in their home was going through some rather serious emotional trauma and was working hard to keep this from them. (The rest of their world knew this person was VERY UPSET.) They did finally find out, by a secondary source.

I calmly responded to them, you are not a Level 10, because if you were, you would have known about the upset going on in your own home, without it coming via a secondary source.

The fact that this person claimed to be empath was rather a surprise, because they didn't even pick up on the normal 5 senses of clues, let alone being in the same rooms at time with this person and never once felt, sensed or picked up on the emotional trauma going on. Yes there was a serious emotional issue going on that I was well aware of at the time, in this person.

For them to claim a LEVEL 10 Empath "status" as their normal state was a statement of nothing more then `ego'. They were clueless visually, empathically and other wise. Sorry this discredited the Level 10 "status".

Status being the point of this post: The Levels are NOT STATUS `points', `goals' or otherwise, they are simply a breaking point to help people understand who they are and where they MIGHT be. (Be careful where you put yourself, you just might be called on it!) And your STATUS may come crashing down!

Please folks use the 10 Level posts in the spirit and intent they were meant to be. Please, let's curb the human tendency to `ego' them and be level with them, please?

Respectfully: Jerry

Permission has been give to Christel to publish this. April 2002.Jerry J. Breen 10051954 ©
Copyright © 2002 Jerry J. Breen
PLEASE NOTE: The information presented here, belongs and (C) owner of Jerry J. Breen. Permission to use this information was given to the host of this site Christel Broederlow. She is the only one that has the right to post it, no other permission has been given to anyone else. If you see this information posted or printed else where, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! This page is not to be reproduced, copied, pasted, transferred into any other format, or appear on any other website. If you would like to know if you could use it on your 'website or other printed or produced material' you must first get specific permission from Jerry J. Breen. IF permission is given, you will be give such with a specific ID PERMISSION NUMBER to validate the permission, so please ask first. Please write: jjbreen.pne@comcast.net for specific permission.
Please read disclaimer at the end of this report.

empaths - what's possible

By Annie Bush M.A. & Christel Broederlow
It's possible and not unlikely for empaths to experience one or more of the following:

Feel the emotions [depression (including self-destructive feelings)*, anger, joy, elation, etc.] of another person in their bodies and know their origin

Feel the emotions [depression (including self-destructive feelings)*, anger, joy, elation, etc.] of another person in their bodies and realize they belong to another person, but not know the origin

Feel the emotions [depression, (including self-destructive feelings)*, anger, joy, elation, etc.] of another person in their bodies and believe the feelings are their own

*If you feel depressed or self-destructive, please consult your physician or mental health practitioner.

Feel the physical pain, illness, and/or disease of another momentarily and/or exhibit their symptoms and know their origin

Feel the physical pain, illness, and/or disease of another momentarily and/or exhibit their symptoms and realize it belongs to another, but not know the origin

Feel the physical pain, illness, and/or disease of another momentarily and/or exhibit their symptoms and believe the feelings are their own

Feel the emotional trauma of another person and believe the trauma is their own

Feel the emotional trauma of another person and believe the feelings are their own

Feel the emotions of others in neighboring houses and know their origin

Feel the emotions of others in neighboring houses and realize they belong to another, but not know the origin

Feeling the emotions of others in neighboring houses and believe the feelings are their own

Feel the emotions of spirits and know their origin (medium capabilities)

Feel the emotions of spirits and realize the emotions are not their own but not know the origin

Feel the emotions of spirits and believe the feelings are their own

Be from mildly affected by the emotions of others, with little consequence, to intensely affected by the emotions of others to the point that they become physically exhausted, and/or physically pained

Be so intensely affected by the emotions of others that they seek relief in avoiding being in the presence of people (such as crowds) or individuals with intense feelings

Feel the emotions and/or traumas of the author of a written piece, such as e-mail, having to do with what is written and/or having to do with the author's life in general

Be easily triggered emotionally by other people's emotions, music, or the media, such as TV, videos or movies, so that one's past memory of a like circumstances is brought vividly to the surface

Be sensitive to the well-being and needs of animals

Be sensitive to nature, the earth and the environment and actively participate in their well-being

Touch anything of substance and sense/know the history of that item

Find their abilities are enhanced by physical touch or the act of focus (including trance, hypnosis or intentional focus on a person)

Self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, food or other substances to dull or numb out the effects of having empath abilities because of difficulty coping with a world that is most often unacknowledged and unaccepted

Be easily persuaded or influenced by another's emotions including those in advertisement or political agendas

Be easily persuaded or influenced by someone who has understanding and control of emotions and the desire the manipulate the empath's emotions

Be easily persuaded or influenced to do things that they ordinarily would not do

Consciously send positive and/or negative emotions to a person or a room of persons

Experience global emotions to tragedies/trauma in a profound manner yet not be an original participant of the tragedy or trauma

Experience pain, overwhelming emotion, or another's death prior to an actual event occurring. Pain and overwhelming emotion disperses the instant they occur.

**Being near by or distant to the source of all of the above may not be a factor in the sensitivity

Have difficulty with relationships due to others being uncomfortable with an empath's abilities

Have difficulty maintaining a relationship with others due to not comprehending the empathic experience occurring

Have difficulty with relationships due to the empath's knowing the hidden aspects of another's behavior or character

Be sensitive to participating in groups (small or large) and/or speaking in public

Be sensitive to sources of electricity so that it affects their physical and mental health

Be sensitive to changes in weather so that it affects their physical and mental health

Be sensitive to highly sensitive to light, sound, smell, taste and texture--some (particularly light and sound) to the degree it affects their sense of well being.

Be sensitive to man-made chemical substances in one's environment so that it affects their physical and/or mental health

Likely to have other abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience to varying degrees

Because empaths are very likely to have telepathic abilities (the ability to send and receive information mind to mind), the following are possible and not unlikely:

Know the thoughts of another person or persons and know their origin

Know the thoughts of another person or persons and realize the thoughts are not their own, but not know the origin

Know and/or speak the thoughts of another person or persons and believe they are their own

Be pulled into/influenced by another person's thoughts with little to no control to alter the circumstance-a form of mind control

Be pulled into/influenced by another person's thoughts with an ability to detach from those thoughts

Send thoughts to another person for positive or negative effects, including manipulating their behavior in ways aligned or not aligned with their views, desires, morals or beliefs

Have the ability to move into another's dreams, along with the ability to know and affect the contents of the dream

Be pulled into the dream of another without conscious choice to do so

Be affected by another's inability to maintain focus (when one generally can) to the extent that one's focus is lost

Find that the method in which they think (analytical, logical, intuitive) changes when they communicate with a person with a different method of thinking, thus aligning with that person

Find that they easily adopt or are influenced by philosophies of another even when in opposition to their original philosophy

**Being near by or distant to the source of all of the above may not be a factor in the sensitivity

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reports - the importance of health, healing & cleansing

First of, it is important for you to know how you feel and what feelings/emotions are within you prior to doing any healing work. A read-up on emotions if one has not already, may help to verify where one is at, with self. How well do you know yourself? It is a challenge at the best of times for healers/empath’s to work with other's and not pick up or become emotionally attached to another, however it is possible.

Ok, what is it you do, when for instance your hands are dirty? Yes, simply clean them with water *smiles*, and I do NOT say this in a condescending manner whatsoever, the most commonly used ways are often the most overlooked
because they appear too simple.

This IS indeed one of the easiest ways to cleanse your room used for therapy. If you have the chance to do this daily, or at least once a week, (and or have a cleaner come in, specify the following) you will notice a significant difference in the room. (The more often this can be done, the more effective the results).

Washing down the walls with an easy cleaner (spray for example) and wiping off, using fresh clean water, and changing the water, as it gets murky. It is not just dirt that the spray and cloth are wiping off! Energy comes in all forms. Have the ceiling, windows, doors done as often as possibly can be.

Furniture is also important. Keep to a minimal, less clutter; clients have enough stored internally there. Keep books & objects to a minimal view, they are distracting the client and taking away their energy to another focal point. And if possible if pictures are used to decorate the room, keep them neutral, sea/scenic/forest/flower/sun. Pictures that offer a sense of calm.

Have furniture cleaned regularly, if using a cloth material for seating, consider running a vacuum over it often, (don’t forget to regularly change the vacuum bag with a clean one and discard contents OUTSIDE of the room *smiles*), and or replacing cloth furniture with a leather/vinyl type that can be wiped over (with suitable product) after each client leaves.

If by chance you draw curtains, close windows (keep out noise) etc, when you have a client in the room, open the curtains wide up and the windows to allow a flow of natural light and air to penetrate the room, this also helps in cleaning out. A continuously dark room 'holds' the energy of clients to it.

A reputable Feng Shui Consultant can also advise you (for a fee), though well and truly worth it also. Otherwise get some good books from the Local Library and read up, ‘Feng Shui for the Business’. How to place furniture and objects etc in a room for the best flow on? What colour schemes to use for harmony? Obviously you want to flow with your clients in the most harmonious way to achieve results effectively.

Cleansing does not have to be difficult, keep it simple, keep it up and the results you seek will be achieved. If you are able at the end of the day, light an oil burner with a 'light' sense, nothing too potent, to also add a subtle yet pleasant aroma to the room. Do this before you call it a day, and remember to put the candle out before you leave! *gosh*, don’t forget to blow out the candle!

Overnight the aroma will settle in the air and be gentle for the new day. Visit a local Aromatherapist and Or Health Store and discuss the desired affect you wish to achieve and they can advise you on the most suitable oil to burn.

For example; gentle on the nose, pleasant, scent not foreign to most.
Calming, relaxing, soothing.
Allowing clarity of mind, ability to express well.
Have natural cleansing properties.
Used in Therapeutic Room

These kinds of suggestions I actually apply to my life regularly, if say I move into a house, I always go through and clean it top to bottom, inside and out, and I can sense the immediate 'change of energy' in doing so. It works wonders. *smiles*.

For healers, consultants, therapists etc, that ‘give out’ a lot of energy, replenishing such is vitally important. One simple method is to drink plenty of water. Other than the obvious fact our physical bodies need lots of water and that it is ‘good for us’. For empath’s it is even more vital!!! A dear friend of mine continually reminds me to ‘drink more water Christel!’ *winks*. AND eat more regularly.

I have to admit I fell flat on both of the above. A terribly inappropriate eating pattern and lack of water intake sure had me feel more than my fair share. Yet I find that when I am out in public, I have an ‘inbuilt’ sensor that alerts me to eating and drinking! That IS empathy telling me first-hand, that I need the physical resources to keep me flowing more readily.

When I am in the comfort of my own home, and online, I tend to ignore such signs, and feel others more so. Times where I literally had to get up and go ‘crash’ into bed, totally exhausted, because the energetic exchange was one that I couldn’t contend with. Ignoring the fact my physical body needed water and food, left me energy less!

So drink plenty water and eat regularly. We have seen, heard and know of the stories where consultants, therapists, specialists etc are run off there feet with work, and don’t have the time to do so. Well enough! Make the time, and see the results *smiles*.

Taking ones lunch/tea-breaks outdoors is also highly effective. Finding a garden close by, a grass area, a tree to sit under, a stream etc, (getting in touch with nature) is well and truly a ‘life-line’ for many empath’s. The energy exchange from nature to self, self to nature is uplifting and replenishing. The ‘atmosphere’ being neutralistic, has one going back to work with a ‘skip in ones beat’. If one has the opportunity to ‘kick ones shoes off’, and feel the coolness of the grass or water – ahh how delightful.

As a consultant etc, the colour of clothes one wears is also depictive of your ‘moods’ etc, and or can pretty much shape your day. What do colours mean? Can the colour of my cloths really alter my day, my emotions etc? Can your moods alter your day?!

Yes! Learning about colours is not tied to holistic, metaphysical, spiritual alone. It is very much across the broad spectrum. Artists have long known the colours used not only reflect the intended picture, but also the ‘tale’ behind the brush! They know what colours can draw you in, to what kind of ‘mood’ they want to depict.

Designers and decorators know what colours can and will create, what kind of impact, what attracts and detracts, what brings harmony, what deflects it. What is soothing, what is appealing, what is sensual, too what is a clash of colours?

How many babies’ nurseries are painted black? How many hospital rooms are painted bright red? How many Doctors coats are purple with yellow polka dots? When did you last see a Policeman wearing an orange suit, green shoes and striped pink cap? Can you imagine the empathic response?!

The colours can make a difference to how we flow with self and others.

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The Importance of Health, Healing & Cleansing for Empaths & Professional Consultants